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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I received a Pre-Foreclosure Notice from Pro Capital, what does it mean?"
    The notice you received is to make you aware that a lien has been sold on your property by the municipality. This notice is the first step in the foreclosure process. Contact your tax collector for additional information with regards to paying off the lien and resolving this matter.
  • If I pay my taxes, why is there a lien on my property?"
    You didn’t pay some or all of the municipal charges such as: water, sewer, trash, maintenance, and/or special assessments. Since the tax collector of the city the property resides in believes payment was missed, they sold a lien on the property as is required by law.
  • Can I make payments if I cannot pay the full balance?
    No. By law you cannot make partial payments to pay off a lien. For details on Tax Foreclosure and Tax Sales in New Jersey refer to the Housing and Community Network of New Jersey.
  • How do I pay it?
    Contact the tax collector for the municipality in which the property resides for the amounts due and for any other payment related needs. The payment MUST be paid to the tax collector. By law, payments cannot be not accepted anywhere else. The lien must be paid in FULL to the tax collector, the tax collector cannot accept partial payments.
  • How much time do I have to redeem the lien?
    At any time during the foreclosure process, up until the date of Final Judgement, the lien can be redeemed. The court will enter an order notifying you of the last date to redeem, of which you will receive a copy. Dates depend upon the court, but may vary between 6-18 months.

Your municipality's tax collector will be able to answer any further questions.

Find your tax collector through your municipality's website here.

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